Why Do We Take Our Students Camping?

Many of our students have never experienced the great outdoors. Some have never before seen a mountain, or felt the cool, clear water of a rushing snow-melt stream. Prior to camping with Cloud and Fire, they have never seen a star-filled sky away from city lights, or been anywhere that was totally quiet. Instead, they are accustomed to hearing gunshots, sirens, and the loud thrumming of police helicopters overhead. On CFM camping trips, they have a chance to see a world that is bigger than the concrete neighborhood where they live, slow down, and hear the still, small voice of God in the gentle breeze. For them, this is a profoundly life-changing event.

Our camping trips are glorious! Each year we invest in one spectacular event that crowns the trip with a most lasting memory. We’ve hiked with students to the head of thundering Nevada Falls in Yosemite, have gone horseback riding in Bryce Canyon, and have braved whitewater rapids on the Arkansas River in Colorado. But most importantly, every camping trip focuses on teaching youth that the very same God who created the mountains, rivers, and oceans, is the One who loves them and wants to know them personally and intimately.