Student Journey: Lesly Figueroa


When I was looking for a new school to earn my high school diploma, I had a friend recommend me to attend Cloud & Fire. I was glad that he did because Cloud & Fire changed my life for the better. I was part of the YouthBuild Policy Council during my time at Cloud & Fire back in 2014. That’s where I really loved the idea of becoming a leader and making a positive change in my community.  I became more active in my school and I eventually also became active in my own local community! Something about helping others and being a positive change made me feel like I was walking the right path. I eventually graduated June 19, 2014! One of the best and most grateful memories I have to this day.


In present time, I have been working alongside a friend of mine and we started a leadership/public speaking club called Toastmaster International in Panorama City. We have so much fun teaching and learning how to become better leaders. We also teach our club members how to improve on speaking in front of crowds and advise them on how they can improve. We really are like a family in this club! I am also a Board Member for the Panorama City Neighborhood Council. We are the voice for our community and take a leadership role to help make our community better. We make sure all the flaws we have are dealt with the right way. We do things from clean-ups to creating public events. I’m really blessed and happy for all the opportunities that I have been given. I thank Cloud & Fire for everything they have taught me. They really helped shape me into the person I am today. I was a shy and reserved person, but now I have become a gleeful and outgoing person! And that wouldn’t have been possible if I never attended Cloud & Fire!

-Lesly Figueroa

Cloud & Fire Graduate (Class of 2014)