Cloud & Fire is a faith-based organization that shares Christ’s love with low-income youth and their families. Our programs address the needs of our constituents, who are primarily Latino youth from distressed communities in the Northeast San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.We utilize a variety of practical methods to demonstrate the gospel message in tangible ways, and provide a holistic approach that meets the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of our clients.

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Melody Rossi

Founder, Executive Director

“The Mother of the Hood”

Melody Rossi has been an advocate and champion for youth from poor communities since 1995. While working as a Special Education teacher at Sepulveda Middle School in North Hills, Melody became aware for the first time that schools in the Northeast San Fernando Valley were some of the worst in the nation. Students were also facing tremendous pressure to join gangs, take and sell drugs, and become involved in crime. Melody’s motto is, “If you don’t like it, change it!” So she did.

In 1999, Melody Rossi founded Cloud & Fire to provide a place of belonging and safety to children and teens in dangerous neighborhoods. Today, countless youth refer to her as teacher, pastor, mother—or all three. Under her leadership, Cloud & Fire has grown from an after school club to a thriving organization that provides multiple programs and a wide array of services to more than 500 youth each year (read more about Cloud & Fire’s history).

Melody Rossi speaks throughout the United States for churches, women’s events, and universities, sharing about her work with at-risk, incarcerated, and gang youth. She is also sought out for her many messages dealing with finding hope after loss. Melody is also the author of an award-winning book entitled: May I Walk You Home? Sharing Christ’s Love with the Dying. In her book, she recounts how her mother, father, and stepmother all came to personal faith while struggling with terminal illness.

If you would like to book Melody as a speaker, please call 818-782-2911.

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