Re-writing the Statistics

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A group of female Cloud & Fire students attended the Adelante Mujer Latina Career Conference at Cal State University Northridge on Saturday, March 21st. The event’s purpose was to empower young Latina women to consider careers in medicine, education, urban planning, physics, design, law, law enforcement and engineering.

Workshops were set up for each featured career lead by Latina women—professionals in their field. Each presenter shared their own personal story of success and what obstacles they faced and overcame. Students were encouraged to ask questions and seek new connections within the field(s) that interested them.

Here’s what Eileen (first girl on the left)  had to say about the event below:

What were your expectations for the event?

I knew going would give me the extra push I needed to pursue what I wanted to do next even though I’m uncertain about what that may be.

What did you learn?

Most of the classes were about where the speakers came from and what they struggled through to accomplish what they had. They talked about pushing their obstacles aside and not letting them stop you but instead pushing through. They stayed focused because they didn’t want to keep their current circumstances; they wanted more.

I went into the last workshop and that was really cool. As a child I wanted to be a police officer, but I always limited myself because I didn’t really think I could or was smart enough. The law workshop talked about how achieving things isn’t about how smart you are but how much drive and hard work you’re willing to invest.

What did you take away from the day’s events?

It inspired me so much. As a single mother my story is pretty much written according to society. There are statics and expectations of me having another kid and not really doing anything after high school. I knew that those things weren’t true for me, but I didn’t know how to change that. The speakers inspired me to stay moving forward and hearing them speak on their own struggles and how they made it gave me ideas on how I could maybe change the statics. I learned that you write your own story, you have the power to not go the same cycles the statics expect you to go through.