People often ask about our name. “Cloud & Fire” comes from the Bible. When the Hebrew slaves were delivered from bondage and headed for the Promised Land, God used a cloud by day and a fire by night to guide them. The cloud & fire were also visible signs of God’s presence with them.

When we began Cloud & Fire, we weren’t exactly sure where we were headed. We just knew that God had called us to move in the direction of helping kids from gang communities. We weren’t exactly sure how to best help, but we took a step when we started our first kids’ club, and then trusted that God would lead us.

It takes faith to follow God’s leading—especially when we are in unfamiliar territory. We chose Cloud & Fire as our name to remind us that God only asks us to take one step at a time. If we trust Him every day and stay in close connection to Him, He will make sure that we arrive safely at the destination He chooses for us.