Why Manufacturing?
The manufacturing industry in Los Angeles is thriving but local employers tell us they struggle to find candidates for open positions. Meanwhile, thousands of youth are out-of-school and unemployed. Work ethic and basic skills are the essential ingredients, so with this in mind, Cloud & Fire’s manufacturing pre-apprenticeship prepares youth to enter the manufacturing labor force.
The National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) has officially endorsed Cloud & Fire’s pre-apprenticeship program as the most promising source of entry-level workers. The pilot program began with 25 candidates who were ready for their next step by June 2016. 

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Components of the Cloud & Fire YouthBuild Pre-Apprenticeship Model
• Industry Tours
• Soft Skills Training
• MSSC Curriculum
• Work-Based Learning
• Career Navigation
• Job Placement Assistance
• EduFactor
• Internships
• Campus Tours
• Career Speakers
• Shop Math
• Print Reading

Pre-Apprenticeship Partnerships:

• The Center for Work Ethic Development
• Klune Industries
• Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board
• Los Angeles Valley College
• Manufacturing Skill Standards Council
• National Tooling and Machining Association – San Fernando Valley Chapter
• Prompt Machine Products, Inc.
• Repairtech International, Inc.
• Superior Thread Rolling Company
• Xceliron