Manufacturing Summit

Cloud and Fire’s College and Career Advisor, Tracy DiFilippis, along side with Los Angeles Valley College, hosted a Manufacturing Summit on Thursday, March 5. The event hosted about forty representatives from a variety of companies and schools in an effort to draw support for an untapped work opportunity for students: Apprenticeships. Several presenters touched on what Apprenticeships are and how they are both beneficial to companies and students alike.


Apprenticeships are an alternative option to going to college out of high school, although some programs do require a bachelor’s degree depending on the field. Instead of going to school people in apprenticeship programs go study at a company for an amount of time determined by the specific program, where the individual learns the ins and outs of the company. At the end of the program participants are given a certificate of completion. Gerry Stump of Roberts Tool Co., stated, “We have to give them a skill that cant be replaced, that will carry them through long term career and living for all of their working days.” The apprenticeship program isn’t just about creating short term solutions, but long term ones that provide a sustainable future for not just the worker, but the company as well.


Melody Rossi, Cloud and Fire’s Founder and Executive Director, presented on how vital it is to provide positive alternative solutions to prevent students from choosing life styles that ultimately cause them harm and often leads to shorter lives. Gangs are the largest apprenticeship system and its a system that leads only to death and destruction. It is important that there is a more positive and productive system that draws students away from such dangerous situations and provides a healthier and more sustainable future. Programs like apprenticeships take people who may have otherwise been looked over and provides them with an opportunity to be successful, thriving members of their community.