Inspiring Vision for the Future

Last weekend at Cloud & Fire YouthBuild, a group of about 20 students, young adults ages 17-24, took a short trip out of their neighborhood to visit the local college campus of Cal State University Northridge.

Despite the university only being about 20 minutes away from where most of these students live, for many it was their first time stepping onto a university campus.  Once there, the group participated in a guided tour, spent some time in a Q & A session with the Director of Transfers, and ended the day with a picnic lunch on campus.

Cloud & Fire teacher and CSUN Alumni Carlos Gomez, who organized the trip, had only positive feedback from the excursion:  “The experience opened up the doors of possibility for every student.  It was a great day.”

At Cloud & Fire YouthBuild, we are here for so much more than just handing out a diploma.  We are here to give young people a greater vision of their future, showing them the possibility of furthering their education, increasing their opportunities in life, and introducing them to the love of Jesus.  For many students this trip to CSUN sparked vision of a brighter future, and perhaps the first Cloud & Fire YouthBuild alumni to graduate from a four-year university was in that group on Saturday!