Good things start with small ideas.

Back in 1999, gangs ran the streets in the San Fernando Valley. Violence and murder were rampant, making neighborhoods unsafe. After-school programs and sports teams were rare, and kids as young as eight years were lured into joining gangs.

Melody Rossi and Carole Walker, teachers at Sepulveda Middle School, decided to start a Friday after-school club for their students. It was a small beginning. They shared God’s love with kids by creating a safe, fun place to be after school. The club grew and became a family of friends.

Through the years, we’ve changed our programs to meet different needs. We’ve run tutoring centers, prison ministries, camp programs, a youth church, and even a charter high school. But our goals have always been the same—to share God’s love in practical ways, and to help youth improve their circumstances so they can thrive and succeed in life.