Cloud & Fire is a faith-based organization that shares Christ’s love with low-income youth and their families. Our programs address the needs of our constituents, who are primarily Latino youth from distressed communities in the Northeast San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.We utilize a variety of practical methods to demonstrate the gospel message in tangible ways, and provide a holistic approach that meets the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of our clients.

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The Cloud & Fire YouthBuild Experience

  • Earn your high school diploma for FREE!
  • Available for ages 16-25

  • Preparation for college and job placement

  • Manufacturing pre-apprenticeship

  • Fully accredited program

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Cloud & Fire YouthBuild

This unique educational program allows students who are 16 to 25 years old to study for their high school diplomas free of cost for the student. Students advance through their coursework at their own pace and are provided with a classroom teacher as well as numerous volunteer tutors. The program includes academic subjects, job-readiness skills, leadership development and extra-curricular activities.

Community Service

YouthBuild participants learn the value of serving in the community. They are taken on outings to volunteer in nonprofit organizations in their own community, such as churches, youth programs, and animal shelters. Cloud & Fire YouthBuild is an affiliate of YouthBuild, U.S.A., which has more than 200 programs throughout the United States. The first San Fernando Valley YouthBuild program, Cloud & Fire’s program began operation in August, 2009. Unlike many YouthBuild programs, Cloud & Fire is funded by individuals and churches who want to reduce the negative effects of poverty, crime, and gangs in low-income communities in Los Angeles. 

More than Just a School

The Cloud & Fire YouthBuild program is more than just a school or training program. It is a community of people who really care about one another and help each other with daily problems. Cloud & Fire provides group and individual counseling, a social worker, and a Chaplain to assist with urgent needs.The Cloud & Fire YouthBuild program provides ongoing extracurricular activities. Students attend sporting events, camping trips, and participate in other recreational activities. In 2009, the YouthBuild track team ran in the Los Angeles Marathon. Cloud & Fire is located in the Northeast San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, in a high crime, gang-affected community. The local high school has a 76% dropout rate, and most families have an annual household income of less than $20,000.