Cloud & Fire YouthBuild

Our Science and Parenting instructor Mrs. Christine assists a group of students during a counseling services workshop.

Cloud & Fire YouthBuild is an outstanding place for youth and young adults who want to finish high school.  Most of the students have had some type of event that interfered with schooling, like becoming teen parents or going to work to help support their family.  Whatever the reason young people dropped out of high school, Cloud & Fire is a great place for them to come back and get a second chance.  Cloud & Fire is more than a school—it is a place where lives are rebuilt and restored.

Cloud & Fire YouthBuild is part of YouthBuild U.S.A. and is the oldest YouthBuild in the San Fernando Valley.  Each year, Cloud & Fire YouthBuild helps over 200 youth get back in school and get on with their lives.  In the Cloud & Fire program, youth can also learn basic construction skills and learn the skills they need to enter careers in manufacturing.

At Cloud & Fire YouthBuild students get a second chance to make great high school memories.

Cloud & Fire is located in Van Nuys, where the dropout rate in L.A.U.S.D. schools is 74% (Yolanda Gardea, Principal). Yet, in the very same neighborhood, more than 85% of students graduate from Cloud & Fire YouthBuild.