Cloud & Fire Students Volunteer at NTMA Picnic

Last Saturday, a group of Cloud & Fire students volunteered to run the food and activities component of the annual National Tooling and Machining Association’s picnic. Along with the Cloud & Fire staff, students planned activities and even built carnival style games.

Even with all our meetings and planning, there was no way to prepare ourselves for the long (but fun!) day ahead of us. The food prep began right away, with lots of burgers and hot dogs to be grilled and plenty of side dishes to lay out for the picnic guests. At the same time, the team on games began to set up our array of carnival and lawn games, from corn hole to various ring toss games to even our own version of the milk bottle toss. Every student worked extremely hard as they manned their stations and helped others around them when needed. Later in the afternoon, we offered multiple piñatas for all the children and facilitated the NTMA’s main picnic games. These included a water balloon toss (in which one staff was pelted with all the extra balloons), an egg toss (in which we grew more suspicious as more eggs bounced on the ground instead of cracking), and a water-melon eating contest (whose cleanup could have been its own separate game). Needless to say, there was never a quiet moment as every student was hard at work and jumping into wherever they were needed.

Students prepare for a day of serving NTMA picnic participants by setting up their handmade carnival games.

After the games had come to a close, we assisted the lead NTMA team as they ended the day with a sponsored raffle. And following the picnic, our team celebrated a hard day’s work with a meal together, a much appreciated time to simply sit and enjoy each other’s company.

Both students and staff were stretched in many different ways throughout the course of the day. This made the student’s dedication to their work and support of each other that much more impressive.