Cloud & Fire is a Christian organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth overcome their circumstances, rise up out of poverty, and reach their full potential. Cloud & Fire serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

 Our Vision

Our vision is for every young person to thrive and experience a life filled with purpose and meaning. We look forward to a world in which youth from even the poorest communities will:

  • Experience healing in relationships to self, others, and God
  • Embrace personal responsibility
  • Overcome past wounds and traumas
  • Develop skills for success
  • Enter viable career paths
  • Achieve financial self-sufficiency
  • Incorporate civility into daily life
  • Contribute to healthy communities

Mission Statement

We prepare youth to become productive, thriving individuals who possess the skills they need to succeed in their lives and help build up their communities.  

Our Approach

We accomplish our mission in many ways:

  • We follow Christ’s example of compassion towards the poor.
  • We identify injustice, inequity, and barriers that perpetuate poverty.
  • We create communities of support where healing is fostered.
  • We teach through a lifestyle of grace, mercy, and action.
  • We raise awareness and advocate for change of unjust practices.