A Flower in Fertile Soil

I fiDandelion-Tutoring-Center-Fall-Festival-2008rst learned about Cloud and Fire when I was part of Bel Air Pres’ The Foundry and a group of us volunteered at Cloud and Fire’s Fall Festival in October 2007. I asked if they needed a clown, and they were very enthusiastic. My alter-ego is Dandelion the Clown, where I entertain kids and make balloon animals. That day was perfectly sunny, and I got to know a lot of the kids who are part of our tutoring center.

A year later, they asked me back again, so Dandelion joyfully agreed. It was another great event, and I knew I enjoyed the ministry, but I didn’t know how God would use me at the time. I was a reality television producer 2 years ago, and I was still searching to see what God’s Will was for my career. I had trouble finding work in the industry for 9 months, and I prayed to God that if this was not the place for me, close the door. And he did. In December 2008, after having been offered a 6-month producing job, I was called the week before Christmas to be told that the production company had gone in a different direction. I had conflicting emotions. This is what I had prayed for – a door to be shut – yet it was also devastating to think of how to go about searching for a new career.


On a camping trip with my husband in June 2009, I said that I would really like to be a Bookkeeper/Office Manager for a non-profit organization. I wanted to help peMelody and Dandelion at<br /> Fall Festival 2008ople, make more of a difference in people’s lives. I had remembered Cloud and Fire and thought about volunteering there. In August 2009, I spotted an ad for Cloud and Fire that wanted a Bookkeeper/ Office Manager. Could this be an answer to my prayers? In a word, yes. I feel like this position was meant for me and I for it. This job, or a vocation really, has been life changing. I love the ability to help others and pray while at work. Who gets to do that? I do! And we have a wonderful supportive staff. I can’t wait to see where Cloud and Fire will go next. So Dandelion pops up now and again, but right now, I am enjoying my life behind the scenes, supporting a ministry that transforms youths’ lives.